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If you read this page, it means that you have been invited to Julia’s 40th anniversary.

There will be a surprise party on 28/08/24 and it will be held at the Hotel Borgo di Cortefreda (, a charming hotel in the heart of Chianti.

We have reserved the entire hotel for that day, and we will have a party from early afternoon until late, which will include entertainment, catering and much more.

Julia will arrive in the early afternoon and if we all manage to keep the secret, she will find us welcoming her to celebrate this special day together.

I repeat that it is a surprise party, please help me to keep it like that.

Our family will certainly stay in the hotel on the evening of 28/08 and very probably, depending on how many of you will be there and for how long, even for a few more days. Probably for 3 days.

It is essential to start blocking the spaces of the Hotel, so if you are interested in celebrating this day with us, please start putting the dates on your agenda and let me know if you will be present.

We will soon publish on this page the links and information to book the hotel.

More details of the activities and opportunities available during those days will follow, but for the moment it is necessary to think about the accommodation.

For any information, please write me a message using the form below…

Thank you and Happy Birthday Julia!

Niccolò, Ida and Lapo Fortini

Party schedule and information

On August 28th, 2024, with your support and with the help of an accomplice in Florence, I will ensure that Julia has a work commitment for the afternoon, which she absolutely cannot cancel or postpone.

I will also make arrangements with Julia to go out for dinner and perhaps leave for a trip on the following days, just to make sure she doesn’t make other plans… It is essential that all of you have already made commitments in those days and have other things to do if Julia asks… so she won’t be able to plan anything else!

A small group of friends will be officially involved in the planned dinner if Julia asks, by giving their availability to attend the dinner, but only for dinner on the evening of August 28th (I will contact the members of this group in advance).

So, Julia will arrive at the Hotel Borgo di Cortefreda at approximately 4.00 pm, thinking she will have to attend a work meeting there. Instead, she will find us all waiting for her in the outdoor area, by the pool!

From 6pm onwards, in the same area, we will hold a party with buffet, music and aperitifs! There will also be seats for those who don’t want to stand all the time, and there will be an open bar from 11pm to around 1am.

As anticipated, our family will stay at the hotel for 3 days (the evening of the 28th, 29th and 30th August) but anyone wishing to extend their stay or arrive earlier is obviously free to do so as they wish.

Here are the prices I have negotiated with the Hotel:





260,00  €

160,00 €

140,00 €

26 & 27/08/23

190,00 €

90,00 €

75,00 €

29 & 30/08/23

190,00 €

90,00 €

75,00 €

The price for the 28th includes breakfast, dinner, entertainment and night open bar (23-01).
The prices for the other days include breakfast, and the free admission to the pool.
Prices are intended per person & per day inclusive of breakfast and all taxes, except 1,50 € of city tax that needs to be paid directly due to local council instructions.
If of any interest, the resort has spa facilities that need to be booked separately.

I would prefer to manage all requests and reservations myself, so please don’t contact the hotel, but contact me directly for your reservations, if you have any questions or need clarifications. By the way, the hotel is fully booked for the evening of the 28th (for us!), so if you ask directly they will refuse.

The best way to contact me is to send me an email using the form below, but you can also call me via WhattsApp or by phone at +39 349 3136201. If you decide to call me, please send me a message first to make sure that Julia is not next to me at that time.




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